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December 15, 2017:


December 16, 2017:


Veteran Mideast peace envoy Dennis Ross has endorsed Broadcasting Change. He writes:“As Broadcasting Change makes clear, a hearty group of Arab liberals are determined — notwithstanding the odds and media traditions in the Arab world — to promote a future grounded in values of tolerance, co-existence, respect for the ‘other,' and good governance. In this important and original book, Joseph Braude does not minimize the obstacles, but he emphasizes that liberal democracies have a stake in the success of this mission, concluding with some thoughtful recommendations on policy. Policy-makers should read Broadcasting Change, but so should anyone who cares about and yearns for a different and more hopeful future in the Middle East.”

December 17, 2017:


Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, a leading Saudi journalist and former General Manager of Al-Arabiya News Channel, has endorsed Broadcasting Change. He writes: “In the Middle East, where literacy rates are low and public awareness is minimal, the influence of television and social media can be a life-and-death matter. As Joseph Braude argues in this groundbreaking book, media can play a crucial role in countering extremism, challenging entrenched ideas, and bridging distances. Braude’s expertise in the Arabic language and his history of deep involvement in the Arab world make him ideally suited to investigate both the problems and the promise of this field. This valuable book should be studied by anyone with an interest in the region.”


March 1, 2019:



December 15, 2017:


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